mememix ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Internet is the world’s largest copy machine. Internet memes are created and reiterated over and over by online users, constructing a prominent ‘remix culture’. These memetic ideas and formats act much like the original concept of a ‘meme’ coined in Richard Dawkin’s book ‘The Selfish Gene’, in that they constantly change and develop after each iterative remix. Memes take on new meaning as they evolve and spread. Anyone can whip up a fresh, mediocre meme in no time, with minimal originality and effort required. It’s great! Meme-making utilises the fundamental ‘FIST’ method; fast, inexpensive, simple, tiny. Here is my recipe for a successful internet meme;

Meme of the month

  1. Grab the most popular format of the month; maybe ‘distracted boyfriend’, or ‘gru’s plan’
  2. Find a hot topic of the month; perhaps the newest upcoming Marvel film, or if you’re feeling extra bold you can meme the most current political topic/event
  3. IF ALL ELSE FAILS!; just use something relatable
  4. Smash everything together and serve!

This is just one example, of course there are many (perhaps infinite) other ways to create and iterate upon internet memes. With the help of my friend Matt, who you can find on SoundCloud here; I learnt some new techniques on how to make a quick beat with some ‘meme-tastic’  samples, and the result was this neat ‘mememix’.

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