Being a content creator online has become more difficult over the years. Many websites used to share self-made content, such as YouTube or Twitch, and the networks/companies affiliated with their ‘Content ID’ systems are really cracking down on their copyright policies. While the automation of the reviewing process is necessary with the scale of the task in mind, having bots check videos for copyright infringements is problematic. Often errors will be made when a video that usually can fall under fair use laws is striked or taken down for copyright infringement. It is important to realise that there is a process of appeal that can be taken for your videos, so read up on the details of fair use if you think one day you may need to plead your case. The same principle applies to using images in maybe graphic design, web articles, and presentations. Always ask the original publisher permission to use their images, they may wish to charge you for distribution and use. For license free images that you can use without worry, check out creative commons. Dodging all these copyright laws can be tough at times, as there are many nuances to responsible distribution practices. Here’s a meme that expresses the frustrations of a struggling content creator.


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