I’m a huge fan of anything 80s, no surprise if you know about my high-key obsession with vaporwave and consumerist/capitalist/’greed is good’ nostalgia aesthetics. Cyberpunk is a genre of fiction emerging from this era that I have always adored. My earliest taste of this bleak neon future was playing the N64 classic ‘Perfect Dark’, wandering the rainy streets of Chicago as Joanna Dark, circa the year 2023. The gritty reality of a city consumed by cyberspace creates an intense mood that resonated with my young self; I also enjoyed the film ‘Blade Runner’, and fell in love with ‘Ghost in the Shell’.

Cyberpunk manifests the anxieties of a technologically dependent society in a way that leaves the viewer torn; they are often fascinated, and excited by the prospects of a digitally integrated lifestyle, but also fear the implications of augmented living. Technologies that push this line too far are suppressed or reiterated because of this cautious approach to rapid progression into the dystopic Cyberpunk society we fear.

Artist; Trung Nguyen

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