[Ideating] Misplaced Stuff

Initially when thinking about my DA I was going to continue my project from BCM112; a podcast that broadly covered gaming topics. The problem is, this time I wanted to do it differently. In my ‘beta’ version of this podcast I put in the least effort possible with nothing more than me, a couple friends and an hour in front of a microphone. I quickly noticed I was not engaging with my audience by being yet another bland, uninspired gaming podcast in a sea of thousands. Then, when faced with the task of trying to segment and uniquely brand my podcast, I hit a wall of apathy towards the idea. It wasn’t something I felt passionately enough about to put meaningful time towards. I went back to the drawing board in scoping out my own interests and empathising with a targeted audience.



I’d been stuck in a loop of throwing ideas through my head, and felt for sure I’d push back my pitch date to next week. Then as I’m just chillin’ in bed that fateful Sunday night listening to a vaporwave mix, thinking about how the audio and visuals are making me feel, I began to hatch an idea. I thought about a very particular, niche kind of aesthetic image in my mind; objects that are lost, discarded, or forgotten. Photographs of inanimate storytellers, or amusingly misplaced objects. Feelings of curiosity, solitude, and days past are evoked by the polar contrasts seen in this type of image. It’s something I’d seen all over the internet, but never congregated into one place. What better way to create an aesthetic album than in your own pics folder? On Instagram, of course.

So, I’ve found this gap in aesthetic Instagram accounts and intend to fill it with this project. In being able to empathise with those interested in these kind of images through my own interests in photography and the ‘aesthetics’ culture, I was able to define a useful aggregation of media into one place. Now my focus is on conveying my message through the Instagram medium by deconstructing the medium itself; hashtags, prime-times, like/follow pods and harmonious grid layouts/colour palettes are all essential in creating a clickable, interesting and ‘a e s t h e t i c’ experience for the targeted audience. At the moment I am experimenting with filters and colours in the grid layout, while also trying to build up a bank of these ‘misplaced stuff’ images for regular scheduled posting to commence. I’ve also been exploring accounts that overlap in content and memetic qualities with my own concept and liking/following these accounts to build an audience while also noting popular hashtags. I’ve also ensured my Instagram is set up as a business account so I can utilise demographic analytics to fine tune my process and get feedback on my posts from passive users of the platform who are not inclined to comment direct qualitative advice or critique. Hopefully in creating this Instagram account I can learn some new skills on a platform I’m mostly new to using, which will build up my portfolio and capabilities as a digital media maker for the future.

Watch this space >>> https://www.instagram.com/misplaced.stuff/ 

Prototyping a few images to see how particular filters/colours fit together in the grid layout

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