[Prototyping] Misplaced Stuff


Prototyping; after spending many weeks collecting images into a folder, creating banks of popular hashtags, growing a small following through passive engagement on similar pages, and promoting through my social accounts, I managed to overcome being a pedantic perfectionist and just post something. I was so surprised to find that my first post got more than 3 likes, let alone a MASSIVE 25!!

While not instant viral success, this still subverted my expectations and encouraged me to make a regular posting commitment. I initially searched the internet for answers to a question that had me putting of my posts for a long while; ‘when is the best time to post on Instagram?’ The consensus seemed to be that there is no clear cut answer as each account has a different audience, and so I instead decided to take a scientific approach and figure out the solution for myself. I’ve been posting at different times of day each time I upload a picture, and comparing this with the engagement I’ve received. It seems the best time is the late afternoon, however with my small sample of posts to base this assumption on I am mindful that the content itself may also be effecting the engagement. Hopefully a clearer picture emerges on when my ‘peak times’ are and what type of content warrants the best engagement as my posts accumulate.

As for my actual content, I was finding that as I gathered photos (and took some of my own) to be used on this account that many of them were funny. I then decided to deviate from my original ‘artsy photography’ approach and attempt more of a ‘meme-page’ style, with ironic, ‘shit-post’-esque captions. I’ve found this frame works well so far, and have received positive feedback from both friends and strangers.Capture

Also, to make sure I’m posting regularly I’ve been utilising a planner app for Instagram called ‘PLANN’. Though it has been somewhat effective, I want to try out other services (specifically Later) because they were suggested to me as better alternatives by friends. After testing both, I’ll decide which is more effective based on my own productivity and how that encourages audience engagement.



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