smart life

Have you noticed that more and more objects are being made with the capability of connecting to the internet? This phenomena is called the ‘internet of things (IoT)’, where information becomes decentralised as a web of smart devices emerges and interconnects. Objects can now bypass physical limitations, and have the sensory capacity of reacting to the environment. Smart speaker companions, like Amazon’s Alexa, are prime examples of the IoT’s growing presence in modern lifestyles. I enjoy having my own mini-network of electronics; my iPhone and Apple watch would both be good devices on their own, but in tandem they create an incredibly satisfying user experience. Then there’s my gaming setup, which combines my PC and Nintendo Switch inputs into one monitor for convenience. Cloud data storage is also a great feature of interconnecting network devices.

In looking at the IoT, I was reminded of a ridiculous product that was popularly criticised online called ‘Juicero’, the ‘wifi juice press’. It essentially squeezes juice from special Juicero branded packets into a glass, something you could easily do yourself. BUT! It could connect to the internet!!! I’ll spare telling you how much it costs… if you’re interested in hearing more about Juicero, I’d recommend critikal’s video about it.

smart devices.png


Ashley Carman. (2017). Juicero, maker of the doomed $400 internet-connected juicer, is shutting down. The Verge.

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