cyberculture [digital artefact pitch]

“High tech.  Low life.”

Background Research

I’ll be researching the history and iconography of the cyberpunk genre so that I can successfully incorporate cyberpunk references and ideas into my original content. This can be achieved by familiarising myself with and analyzing popular cyberpunk literature, films, news media, academic articles, and lecture materials.

Literature; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Philip K. Dick, 1968), The Shockwave Rider (John Brunner, 1975), Neuromancer (William Gibson, 1984)

Films; Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982), Ghost in the Shell (Mamoru Oshii, 1995) Alita: Battle Angel (Robert Rodriguez, 2019)

News Media; Bringing Cyberpunk 2077 To Life (GameSpot, 2019), Neon and corporate dystopias: why does cyberpunk refuse to move on? (The Guardian, 2018), What Is Cyberpunk? (Neon Dystopia)

Academic Articles/Books; 

Csicsery-Ronay, I., 1988. Cyberpunk and neuromanticism. Mississippi Review16(2/3), pp.266-278.

Featherstone, M. and Burrows, R. eds., 1996. Cyberspace/cyberbodies/cyberpunk: Cultures of technological embodiment. Sage.

Hollinger, V., 1990. Cybernetic deconstructions: Cyberpunk and postmodernism. Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature23(2), pp.29-44.


Production Timeline

Mid-Sem Break; background research and collate assets (music, images) for edits, develop ideas for content

Week 4; Apply pitch feedback to DA concept/method/utility, start creating content

Week 5; Create accounts for sharing original content, post content

Week 6; Continue creating and posting regular content

Week 7; Assess first round of engagement and feedback, iterate upon content

Week 8; Continue creating and posting regular content, submit DA beta

Week 9; Apply beta feedback to DA concept/method/utility, keep creating content

Weeks 10-12; Continue creating and posting content, work on DA contextual essay

Week 13; Submit DA contextual essay


Expanding on Methodology and Feedback Loop

I will be making these edits by collecting images and assets online through boards like Pinterest or Google Images and then using photo editing software edit them into collages. After that, I will use PHOTOMOSH to add dynamic effects to my edited images, and edit the produced gifs into short clips with background music using video editing software.

I will be sharing my cyberpunk edits online using various platforms; Instagram will be the primary source of feedback through user engagement (likes, views, comments, follows, etc.) for this project. By assessing and comparing posts that are successfully engaged with to those that are not, I can deduce what type of content is most favourable to my target audience. I also plan to look into tumblr and tiktok as sharing platforms, though I don’t have any experience using these and therefore am not certain about how suited they are to this type of content. I hope to get feedback from my peers about these two potential points of engagement. I also will attempt to share my edits on reddit as original content (without linking to any accounts, ie; Instagram) to hopefully receive verbal feedback on the quality of the content I produce.

15 thoughts on “cyberculture [digital artefact pitch]

  1. Hi Julia, this is such a unique idea and I love that you’re prepared to try it across so many platforms to try and get the most out of your content! I also liked how you included a timeline there to give us an idea on how you plan to keep this manageable. Do you think there would be a specific way to try and gain some traction from a new audience, e.g. hashtags, tagging certain pages, or do you plan to use an already established audience? I also think that using Reddit, like you said, would be prefect for this genre as you could gain so much feedback from such a range of people! I don’t really know much about this genre, so it will be interesting to watch where this DA is headed, but I will be excited to learn more about it as this process continues!

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    1. Looking at what I already do know about the cyber-culture and cyberpunk genre (what I have seen in BCM and in the films we are watching in 325) would it be possibly to also use themes and characters from the cinema we are seeing into your boards to create a relationship with audiences like me who don’t really understand too much about the genre but would relate to a character or movie? It could possibly be an option to even appeal to a new audience by incorporating these elements and looking at ‘basic’ cyber-culture elements that are more well known? e.g the movies included in this list:

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      1. Thanks for the feedback Tahlia, I’m glad you found my idea interesting. I’ll be building the account from the ground-up, so relying on hashtags and networking to get follows. I’ll also be plugging it on my existing instagram to a few hundred followers. I did plan on using these characters in my edits! The collages would combine lots of different media and cultural references relating to cyberpunk, so that includes film & TV. Hopefully it’s easily accessible for a broad audience.

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  2. Hi Julia! I love this idea, it is very unique and creative! You mentioned that you may test out the different social media platforms to see which ones work, and whilst I do agree that Instagram will be a great platform, I also strongly believe that TikTok is a great place to show off artwork, like yours. You should consider making TikTok videos of the process it takes to get the final result; i’m sure many TikTok users would be interested! You mentioned YouTube being an issue in regards to copyrighted music, and TikTok certainly doesn’t have this issue. A blog post I found- states that “Tiktok is a video platform that gives you the ability to go viral much faster than any other platform… without having ANY followers on your account.” Your DA is definitely a great, creative way to showcase science fiction, and depict how the world may look in the future.

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  3. Hey Julia! Your idea is unique and sounds great! I think Tik Tok is the perfect platform to build your following and promote your other social media channels. You can do fast-motion videos of you creating your collage and use music to make them more appealing to the audience. On Tok Tok you can also link your Instagram to your profile and it comes up beside the video which can allow you to attract more visits to your Instagram account. Posting gifs on your Instagram could also work and that way you will showcase the moving effects in your collage but don’t need to worry about the sound. I found this page which explains copyright and certain rules when using music for social media:
    This explained that there is music you can use for free as long as you mention the artist! I suggest having a look around and you will easily find heaps of great songs to enhance your work. Great job on your pitch and blog post. Your timeline is well outlined and I can’t wait to see some of your collages!


  4. Hi Julia!
    First of all, well done with your pitch video and blog post! You’ve got a very clear, beautifully targeted project with a detailed production timeline. That, along with the fact that your project idea is incredibly interesting and unique, I think you’ve got a dynamite idea with a lot of potential!
    As an avid consumer of TikTok, I can honestly say that these audio-visual edits would be great for the platform. If you were to simply upload the one video file onto multiple platforms at once through multi-posting programs [1], you could get a really engaged audience. Your discussed platforms of choice are full of perfect short & constant feedback loops. If you keep the edits down to under a minute, perhaps even not much longer than 10 seconds, your potential following could be quite large. A lot require payment after an initial free trial, but I’m sure there are free one’s available if you look hard enough.
    You’ve already done some incredible scholarly research, which greatly demonstrates your interest and knowledge on the project’s theme, content and intention. By the sounds of it all you require is to find relevant platforms and an ease of content presentation. Hopefully I’ve aided in just that!
    I wish you the best of luck with your project and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

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