cyberculture [digital artefact beta]


My DA addresses the future of technology and cyberculture through digital picture edits. I hope to continue on this trajectory for future posts, where I will explore many more aspects of cyberculture while including references to cyberpunk media in popular culture. I aim to grow my presence on both Instagram and TikTok further by using networking strategies and techniques unique to each platform. My goal is to post at least one edit per week from now onwards.

To get a better look at each of my digital edits, please check below;



9 thoughts on “cyberculture [digital artefact beta]

  1. Hi Julia!

    I like the vibe of your edits and I think they are quite visually interesting. I think that trying your hand at TikTok will be incredibly valuable for the progression of your DA but after checking out your page I do have some suggestions. I noticed that your content on Tiktok is the same photos you use on Instagram, when operating on more than one platform you should definitely keep McLuhan’s concept of the medium is the message in mind. TikTok is a place for short videos and clips, its highly repetitive and utilises trends. Uploading photos to this platform will not work very well in terms of creating engagement. This source ( ) explains how the algorithms on TikTok work – essentially what users will be shown in their for you page is a curation of videos which are similar to ones they’ve already interacted with. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to create content which has some relation to what is already popular on the platform. I recommend that you try experimenting with creating your own short video edits OR upload videos of you making your photo edits. Have a look at the #edits for some inspiration, theres a tonne on there! From here you could pair this content with what I can only call popular TikTok music, there are some songs on that #edits which I found were commonly used and gained a lot of traction.

    In addition to this I think it would be interesting to apply your cyberpunk style edits to distinctly non cyberpunk images/videos. For example, The Matrix is already part of the cyberpunk/sci-fi family, whereas having to add the theme of cyberpunk to content which doesn’t already posses it could be a lot more interesting and could be used to make a comment on society e.g. What if Jack in The Titanic was a robot? Could Rose then download him and replicate his existence? By making these types of edits you would not just be making something that looks cyberpunk, but you would be crafting a philosophical question which you can pose to your audience and force them to imagine how their futures may play into this.

    By doing this, you can then link your DA to Wendell Bells possible, probable and preferable futures ( By taking images which more directly represent society at present and turning them into visions of the future you can outline a variety of possible, probably and preferable futures. You could even touch on topics such as global warming by editing a picture to show the eventual effect this may have on society (maybe we all have to start wearing oxygen masks wherever we go?). By doing this your DA will have relevance for our future as you are directly warning you audience about how their own actions have consequences and how these can have a direct influence on our future.

    Overall, fantastic work and I look forward to seeing what edits you come up with next!


    1. Thanks for the feedback Mikayla. The uploads on my TikTok account are actually video clips and not images! They’re the ‘dynamic’ versions of my edits that I share to my Instagram story to promote each new post, with visual effects layered on top and music. My goal with this content is to create a kind of ‘mood board’ which is why I chose songs that I felt suited my vision rather than trending sounds. But that said, I agree that TiKTok isn’t a suitable platform for this content. I went into this fully aware of that, but decided to take a stab in the dark anyway because a few of my peers suggested I try TikTok in my pitch feedback. I could have probably made supplementary content more suited to the TikTok medium like video/fan edits of cyberpunk movies, but I didn’t want to create more work for myself than I already had. I may drop this platform altogether.

      Thank you for the content suggestions, I liked both ideas and will consider them in my next posts (Titanic / Wendell Bell). Appreciate the honest feedback.


  2. Hi Julia,
    Your edits are fantastic and I think you have made some great links to the lecture material, readings and class viewings in your DA. I think Instagram is definitely the best place to share your content and it’s great to hear that you’ve been networking and engaging with your audience as this is definitely the best way to grow your following. As for TikTok, I think your content may be more successful if you create visuals with more actions and movement. Maybe you could create mini comic videos? This will help keep the viewer engaged, ultimately leading to more views. Remember to keep the videos short on TikTok (around 15 seconds) for optimal engagement.

    Another suggestion I have is to check out Pinterest. Pinterest is full of visual content and I think you’d be able to get good engagement from your niche. I did a quick search of cyberculture and cyberpunk and their were tons of visuals similar to yours. Here’s an article which explains how artists use Pinterest to market their work:

    Good luck! 🙂


  3. Hi Julia,

    Wow! This is the coolest DA I’ve come across by far! This beta video explained in great detail your progress and it seems you’re gaining great audience feedback from your already existing posts! As for the Tiktok hashtags I definitely recommend using the most popular trends of the day in your hashtags! The Tiktok algorithm is a little tricky in that it works so randomly and I myself have experimented with it multiple times. Although the daily hashtag trends might be completely irrelevant to your posts including the with help attract views. Something I’ve also noticed with Tiktok and that you might want to give a try is finding a popular video, using the “soundtrack” they’ve used but instead you can adjust the volume so that your music is playing and the popular track is completely muted…if that makes sense. By doing this you can still use your own sound but the video will attract views as it’s attached to a popular trend. As for your inclusion of the lecture content, it’s so cool to see edits of our weekly film materials used through your DA. An idea that might be cool is to post a link to the content during a live tweeting session in our tutorials (I know there’s only one screening left sorry for the late suggestion), as we are all on twitter and the #bcm325 hashtag and film hashtag ends up trending in Australia this would be a cool way to engage with more of an audience!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of your DA finalised!

    – Anthea


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