critical self-reflection of comments (part 2)

BETA 1; The Future of Online Fitness

After receiving feedback and a lack of engagement, Tahlia has changed her original DA idea from content creation on TikTok to analysing the future of online fitness, specifically with group routines and training. Tahlia has been doing online workouts with her friend and researching the impact of internet technologies on the fitness community. She plans to create a Facebook group for sharing workout tips and routines.

In my comment, I shared an academic article about online fitness culture as seen on social media, and some of the negative impacts on the body image of young women it may have. I suggested that Tahlia could take this into account when branding her Facebook group, creating a fitness page for sharing routines but also uplifting other women and being a judgement-free support group for all body types. I referred Tahlia to the subject materials in which the social responsibility of futurists is discussed.

[Tahlia’s Blog]




Julia’s DA is a series of video essays about the future of social media and trends in these platforms. Her introduction and first episode have been uploaded, but she has received minimal engagement and feedback so far, so hopefully my comment can help. She hopes to incorporate more subject materials into her videos in the future.

In my comment I suggested that Julia read the subject materials about forecasting as a method of prediction, using data and the scientific method to speculate possible futures. I shared a source about Netflix and how it makes predictions about what content will interest users based on their data profiles. My idea was that she could touch upon the shift from retail-style online services to subscription based streaming in entertainment media. Unfortunately looking back on this comment, I think I misunderstood Julia’s topic; her primary focus is the future of social media rather than entertainment media. I hope my feedback still helps in some way.

[Julia’s Blog]




Isabella’s DA is about the future of feminism as a social movement. She is observing this through two main case studies in a blog post format; feminism in film (James Cameron) and feminism in celebrity advocation (Beyonce, Emma Watson). She has done extensive research on the topic of feminism, and also her own primary research on various subreddits.

In my feedback I shared a short analysis of the character Rose from James Cameron’s film Titanic. It looks at the character in terms of feminism and the ‘hero’ mythos within fiction. I hoped it would be useful for her blog post about James Cameron’s films and how they relate to the future of feminism. I also linked Isabella’s topic to the subject materials, in particular Wendell bell’s perspective about futurists.

[Isabella’s Blog]



Critical Reflection

I definitely improved my comments this time around, leaving feedback that related to subject materials AND expanding upon the sources shared by explaining how they potentially relate to each project. However, I think that for Julia’s DA I could have shared a source more useful to her topic. Overall I’m much more happy with my comments for these project BETAs.

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