I won’t lie, I unironically like vaporwave. The music, the culture, the aesthetic, everything it encompasses really. When I was 15 years old, I also got way into cloud rap. Yung Lean is responsible for my now alarmingly large collection of bucket hats. What intrigued me most about this niche internet culture was how the music and visuals could evoke nostalgia for an era in which I wasn’t even alive. Some 80s/90s music and tech were a part of my childhood (dial up, windows 98, nintendo64) though I never truly grew up in those decades. The fusion of these familiar retro elements with the messy incongruity of our digital world and meme culture is what draws me so magnetically to this aesthetic and music genre.

I made this GIF, inspired by an interview with the singer Björk. She disassembles an old TV out of curiosity and describes what she sees inside as “a little model of a city”. I found this image of a disassembled, discarded old PC and glitched it with PHOTOMOSH. It creates this cool, retro vibe while also evoking this sense of abandonment; the poor ‘little city’ is thrown out like a piece of junk, as new tech supersedes it. Developments in digital tech push our society, our ‘little city’, to change. Out with the old, and in with the new.

“I’ve switched the TV off, and now I want to see how it operates… this looks like a city, like a little model of a city” – Björk